We use a wide range of specialist products sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure all our industrial flooring installations are long lasting, durable, and securely bonded to their substrate.

Fast Cure
MMA Resins

The MMA acrylic floor coating is a decorative and durable floor finish ideally suited to environments such as refurbishment projects, shop fit-outs and fast-paced new build developments. The MMA technology means floors can be fully operational just hours after its application, delivering unrivalled application and cure times.


Anti-static flooring is designed to safely ground or dissipate the build-up of electro-static charge in sensitive environments. It is used where sensitive electronic components and assemblies need to be protected from the harmful effects of electro-static discharge (ESD).


Providing the ultimate in luxury and durability, this seamless epoxy resin terrazzo finish is ideal for high traffic environments including shopping centres, airport terminals, hotels and other commercial areas where design and durability are key. Available in a range of finishes including glass, mirror glass, marble, mother of pearl, granite and flint with bespoke special mixes and colours produced to order.

Epoxy Finishes

Our epoxy joint-free commercial floor coatings and toppings create colourful, vibrant and decorative surfaces for use in a wide range of commercial venues and environments. Finishes include super-smooth resin floor toppings, speckled quartz floor finishes and sparkling flake flooring systems.

Floor Screeds

Polyurethane resin offers strength, durability and resilience, delivering a surface product that continuously promotes the concept of hygienic, decontaminated and clean floors.


Our range of industrial resin flooring solutions are ideal for a variety of service conditions within the industrial sector, from ultra-lightweight epoxy floor coatings to heavy-duty polyurethane flooring systems for the most demanding environments.

Sub Floor

A wide variety of screed types are available for providing a solid high-performance sub floor. These include semi-dry cementitious and self-levelling screeds, fast drying and high volume pumped screeds, as well as specialist high-strength waterproof hand-applied and coloured screeds.

Car Park

These systems have been designed to help enhance visual appearance, improve light reflectivity, reduce tyre squeal noise and prevent water ingress. With an impressive safety performance and accredited fire rating, they are also available in a wide range of attractive colours and finishes – with the option to create demarcation lines and signage to help regulate traffic movement.


This type of resin flooring provides the comfort properties typically associated with cushion vinyl but with the additional benefits of a seamless, hygienic and durable resin floor. Functional and durable, this finish is easy to clean in order to meet hygiene requirements and its low volatile organic compound (VOC) content (as certified by the M1 emission class for building materials) also makes it sustainable.

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From national landmarks and heritage sites, to iconic public spaces and the UK head offices of global conglomerates, the Limegate group of companies has safely and reliably installed specialist surfaces within an array of widely recognised locations.